Dildo Reviews

Sex toy industry has developed so much that new dildos look like real things, not only when it comes to shapes but they are made of high tech materials that feel like real skin. Dildos are sex toys used by both genders and by people of different sexual orientations. You can find dildos in all shapes, sizes or textures. Talking of shapes, dildos may be realistic – in shape of real penises and then you can also get a dildo made after a porn star’s penis. Dildos are also designed in more sophisticated ways so you would be surprised to see the newest sex toys as they are not realistic at all. Some dildos have curved tips for G-spot stimulation in men and women or you can find dildos made for anal sex only that are usually smaller and with a large flat base, and here is the dildo buying guide. Double dildos have become popular as with them both partners can enjoy sharing one dildo for vaginal or anal penetration. These are used by gay and lesbian population but also by couples who want to explore new techniques in sex and make things hotter in bed.

Choose The Right Size

Choosing the right dildo size is important if you want to enjoy without feeling uncomfortable. Before getting a dildo think of what you need a dildo for then measure yourself and your partner. When you look at photos online you may not get the right picture of how big a dildo really is. If you have a giant dildo and you cannot insert it then it is useless. Same goes for short dildos, you must choose the size that will fit your vagina or anus for the best penetration. Never buy too long dildos as they can hit the cervix and cause pain, or too wide dildos that can tear vagina or anus. Measure your vagina with your fingers or some suitable home object and always use lots of lube with dildos.Silicone Dildos

Choose The Best Texture

Dildos may have smooth surfaces that are easy to use for penetration and also you will find dildos with bumps or ribbed types that bring extra sensation when inserted analy. The best texture is the one that is non porous, easily cleaned and comfortable. Smooth dildos are made of silicone, plastic, glass, rubber and they are excellent for quick thrusting. If the surface is with too many bumps and wrinkles this is where bacteria will stay so choose carefully.

Cleaning Your Toys

Dildos should be regularly cleaned with hot water and soap or you can boil silicone ones for better sterilization. Never use the same dildo for vaginal and anal penetration, this is important for women in order to avoid infections or STD. If you want to protect yourself and your partner you can use condoms on a dildo that will also provide easier penetration especially when used with lubricants. It is best if you can buy silicone dildos and use water based lube with them.

Dildos can bring new dimensions and sensations to your sex life and even though some people think that dildos are something to be ashamed of or even something bad, go after your own feelings. One thing is for sure – you will learn more about your own sexuality and your sexual intercourses will last much longer than usual as with dildos you do not have to rely on male`s erection to reach orgasms. This may cause some jealosy in your partner and will show how much he cares about your sexual satisfaction.